Winter Veg Sales 2021 Starting Soon

Please return pots to reduce plastic use!

Here at Beban Learning Gardens we will be taking a short rest from plant sales as the last of our tomatoes, squash, peppers, etc. have gone.  But we have already started seeding winter veggies!  By the second half of July we should be starting to sell starter plants for Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbages, kale, endives, radicchio, mustard, winter lettuce, snap peas, and….maybe a few new surprises!

But, meanwhile, you can help us greatly by returning the one gallon and 4” pots and our plant labels (if you don’t need them for identification). These can be dropped off in the gazebo at Pine St. Garden or at Beban Learning Gardens on the table in our open lean-to shed.  Reusing pots is a good way of reducing our consumption of plastic and reducing our costs.


Thanks to all you keen and supportive gardeners out there!

Happy Gardening!!!

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