We need pots!

We welcome returns and donations of:

4″ Square pots (sometimes called 3.5″)

Our waterproof plant labels.

Gallon pots are nice but we don’t use them as much.

These items can be dropped off at the Beban Learning Gardens entrance in front of the gate. Volunteers check daily for reusable pots.

We don’t use other plant pots in our production greenhouse. Any pots dropped off which we can’t use go into a free box outside our gates and they are typically picked up by passersby within a week. For a large donation of plant pots we don’t use, we will try to find another organization or grower who can.

We also re-use our labels when possible so return those too!

Below is a photo of the only items that we reuse – gallon pots, 3.5″ – 4″ pots, and our labels.

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