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  Joining as a member of the Nanaimo Community Gardens Society (NCGS) is a powerful show of support for our mission and mandate. Your membership helps to fund the important work of NCGS, both directly through your membership fee, and indirectly by demonstrating community support and thereby increasing our chances of securing grant funding.   All members are entitled to a vote at the AGM. Memberships are valid until the end of the next AGM (held in late winter/early spring) and shall not be prorated for members joining late in the season.   All NCGS volunteers, and program participants must hold a valid membership in order to be covered under NCGS insurance.   All information collected on membership forms will be held in confidence. Phone numbers, email addresses and other information will only be used for valid society purposes and will not be lent, rented, sold or traded.   Membership fees are on a sliding scale of $15 to $25. To ensure anyone can become a member regardless of their financial situation, the membership fee may be waived.   NCGS members can show their valid membership cards to receive a discount for a one year membership at Milner Gardens. Regular individual rate is $40, discounted rate is $27, Regular household is $65, discounted household is $45)
  Individual Membership Form   If your group wishes to joins NCGS, please fill in and submit this form below.   Group Membership Form