Growing Organic Food Course offered in Parksville

Connie Kuramoto

Course instructor Connie Kuramoto

Canadian Organic Growers (COG) is offering the Growing Organic Food course in Central Vancouver Island this spring! This is a new venture of COG’s after having great success with the Organic Master Gardener course. This course focuses solely on growing food, making it ideal for people that want to have bountiful gardens &/or maintain gardens for communities of people. 

If you are concerned about where your food comes from, what’s on it, or you just want to learn the how to grow your own food – this course is for you! Going beyond organic gardening – beyond permaculture – we will mentor you through an entire food growing season so you can gain the essential gardening skills and the confidence to grow most of your own food. Grow an abundance of healthy, nutritious, and delicious food this year and ensure you and your family are getting the best nutrition possible.

  • Dates: February 8 to October 14, days and times vary. For a full class schedule please visit our website
  • Location: Parksville Museum, 1245 East Island Highway, Parksville, BC
  • Registration: $750+GST

More details and contact information are available by visiting

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