First Phase of Greenhouse Project Almost Complete

Progress Report

Here it is, January  2017, and we are delighted to report much progress on our greenhouse project.

It was the middle of August before we obtained our building permit and a few days later, just after the VIEX, a gigantic truck delivered all the pieces that would become our greenhouse.

GH parts finally arrive

GH parts finally arrive

GH arches being unloaded

Arches being unloaded

A month later, Tess Contracting finished erecting the structure and the hydro and water were installed inside.

Also, between the backfilling and the erecting, some of us put together the first of about 20 large cedar raised beds.  Rick St. Denis, of Sawmill Direct, deserves a big THANKYOU for his donation of cedar lumber for the first five.

Much of the fall was spent tidying up the site, leveling and compacting the ground both inside and out.  Thank you so very much to ShareCost who donated the use of many pieces of machinery we needed to do this.  Thank you also to DBL who donated the use of a dumpster bin to help with the clean-up.  The extra heavy rainfall gave us more to do, filling in low spots which had become puddles.   As well, we spent many hours designing and installing hardware for fastening and locking the doors.  As well, we were able to use the artificial turf saved from the bowling green to “carpet” much of the greenhouse floor.  And we put our carpentry skills to work building 18 more planterboxes for inside the greenhouse.

Leveling the floor

Leveling the floor

Compacting the floor

Compacting the floor

Unbelievably, it was not until December that we finally passed the City’s inspection of our new facility.

GH almost finished

Greenhouse almost finished

Now volunteers are busy putting in place everything necessary to get back to our real mission which is growing vegetable starter plants to sell and donate to the people of Nanaimo and to welcome new volunteers to join us in the body-and-soul-satisfying adventure of growing our own food.

New Volunteers Welcome!!!  Work Parties held most Wednesdays from 10am to noon.

For further info, contact:

Phase 2

The next stage of our greenhouse project will likely include installation of irrigation, planting of fruit trees, vines and canes, building an herb garden and a spiral garden, more outside planterboxes, permanent compost and soil storage stalls, a “Welcome” entrance gateway with signage, and a covered classroom/workspace.

New Logo and Names

Nanaimo Community Gardens Society has a new logo!  To keep up with the times we have had a new logo designed to represent our Society.  Although we grew very attached to our old sunflower logo, we felt a change was necessary.  Our new logo, as seen in photo at our Beban Park site, is simpler, includes the name of our Society, and includes our motto “Grow Share Learn”.  The wavy green leaves are meant to link the two ideas of living by the sea and growing our own fruits and vegetables.

NCGS's New Logo

NCGS’s new logo goes up at Beban Learning Gardens

As well, greenhouse volunteers helped decide on the name “Beban Learning Gardens” for their new site and also agreed to name the greenhouse the “CO-OP GREENHOUSE” in recognition of our most generous fiscal donor, Federated Co-operatives Ltd. through their Community Spaces program.

Latest Co-op Community Spaces Commercials

 Co-op is excited to launch an ad campaign to promote the Co-op Community Spaces program in 2017 featuring, among others, our greenhouse project.  These commercials are scheduled to air on TV from January 9th – February 26th and are forecast to make over 10 M impressions across Western Canada.  There are 30 sec and 60 sec videos. The extended videos will largely be promoted on digital (Facebook, YouTube, etc.).

  • The videos can be viewed here.

 Gala Opening

NCGS is planning on holding an official opening of Beban Learning Gardens sometime in April.

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