2023 Beban Learning Gardens Squash

 Squash – 2023

Note that all of our warm weather varieties are open-pollinated varieties from which you can save your own seed.

Summer Squash

Benning’s Green Tint This 4″ pale green squash is also known as a Patty Pan and resembles a saucer with scalloped edges. As a baby fruit good in salads or stirfries. Large specimens fantastic stuffed and roasted in oven. Popular, with good flavor and texture. Surprisingly, keeps well into the winter. About 70 days to reach full size.

Tromboncino – Rambling vines produce very long, pale-green Italian summer squash. Flavourful and firm, the seedless texture is a real treat in the kitchen. Matures in 80 days.

Zucchini – Black Beauty. Some darker and some lighter fruit, all with a tender texture and excellent flavour. The open bush grows to 24”, and allows the gardener to see the fruit maturing – before it becomes huge. Matures in 60 days.

Zucchini – Romanesco. Large, open, bushy plants produce distinctively ribbed fruits12-16”. A very pleasant taste that transcends the world of ordinary zucchini.  Great flavour when dried for use in winter soups.  Matures in 55 days.

Zucchini – Golden Summer Crookneck – Heirloom with yellow fruit (5”-6”) long. Warty, curved-neck squash with really excellent flavour, similar to a zucchini, but a little sweeter. Matures in 75 days.

Winter Squash

Acorn – Table Queen – Dark green skins and a pronounced acorn shape on fruits that average 6” in diameter. Excellent keeping ability. Long vines are prolific and early.  Matures in 85 days.

Burgess Buttercup – Reliable heirloom squash produces 3lb turban shaped fruits with dark green skins and the unmistakable navel or dome at the blossom end. The golden orange flesh inside each fruit is sweet and finely textured, never watery. Matures in 115 days.

Butternut – Waltham – The standard butternut. Larger fruits with small seed cavities and thick, straight, cylindrical necks. Fruits avg. 9” long, avg. 4-5 lb. Flesh has smooth texture and sweet flavour. Matures in 110 days.

Delicata – A Mild tasting, thin-skinned, delicate squash. The smallish 1 lb fruits store well for months. Fruits are oblong and creamy white, with green bands. Matures in 100 days.

Spaghetti – Pale yellow, cylindrical squash grow to 10” on long productive vines. Keeps well. Matures in 100 days.