2023 Beban Learning Gardens Peppers

Pepper – 2023

Note that all of our warm weather varieties are open-pollinated varieties from which you can save your own seed.

Hot Peppers:

Jalapeno: Pungent, medium hot smooth juicy, dark green, 8 cm long fruit. Will turn red eventually. 2,500 – 5,000 SHUs.  Matures in 70 days.

Thai Dragon: Short sturdy plants with clusters of slender peppers that point upwards.  Good fresh but also dry well for long storage.  50,000 – 100,000 SHUs. Matures in 85 days.

Sweet Peppers:

Antohi Romanian: Grows very well in all climates; good yields of large pods that start yellow, ripen to red; excellent flavour. Makes very good sweet paprika powder; pods good in salads, fried and on BBQ.  OP. 78 days. 

California Wonder: Heavy, smooth-skinned, thick-walled bell.  Begins green but turns red and sweeter late in season.

King of the North: This bell pepper is from Vancouver Island grown and adapted seed.  It’s great variety for short season growing. Produces good sized, red, bell shaped peppers on strong plants. 60 days to green peppers. 

Orange Sun: Blocky, thick-skinned bell.  Mature from green to vivid orange while keeping excellent sweet flavour. Plants stand just under 1 m. with fruit 8 – 10 cm long.

Red Bull’s Horn: Italian heirloom. 18’ bush produces loads of fat, conical 10 – 13cm curved like a bull’s horn.  Seeds can sometimes be hot.  Can be harvested green.

Szentesi:  Starting out yellow, then maturing to deep red, they can be eaten at any stage.  Thick-walled, sweet, but have a mild spice that increases as they ripen.  6-7” long.   Very rare.

Tomato Pepper: A thick-walled large-fruited pepper, ripening late in the season. In protected areas can withstand light frost.  Generally sweet with some heat at the end.