2023 Beban Learning Gardens – Cucumbers

Cukes – 2023

Note that all of our warm weather varieties are open-pollinated varieties from which you can save your own seed.


Little Muncher – Strong, compact vines. Prolific production of 5 – 7” fruit. Good for containers. Good for climbing if supported. Skin is smooth and practically spineless. Delicious, burpless, and never bitter. Also pickle well.

Lemon – Small and round with lemon-coloured skin. The lime-green flesh is very mild, sweet and never bitter. Very nice for slicing. 70 days.

Marketmore – Fruits are 8-9” long, bright green, with a crisp crunch and sweet flavour. 68 days.

Suyo Long – The prolific vines produce non-bitter, crisp cukes that are almost seedless and perfect for salads and pickles. Fruit can grow to be 12 – 18”.   In China these firm fruit are often used in cooked dishes.  If not staked or trellised you will get wildly shaped fruit! 60-70 days