NCGS Annual General Meeting – March 31, 3-4pm at NACL

Each year in late winter/early spring, Community Gardens members and the public are invited to attend its Annual General Meeting to get ready for the growing season ahead. Society business that is conducted at the AGM includes presentation of year end reports, review and approval of the current year’s budget, approval of the financials of the previous year and election of the new board. This is also an opportunity to learn about the society’s plans for 2019, meet society volunteers and directors, learn about the society and ask questions and provide feedback. There is also opportunity to renew memberships and socialize.

This year NCGS will be holding its Annual General Meeting on Sunday March 31st at 3pm. The short business part of the meeting will be followed by a snack potluck. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon. Everyone is welcome to attend – volunteers, supporters, their friends and family and even those who are just curious about the society.

This year there will be 5 vacancies on the board of directors. This is a great opportunity for someone to become involved with the society at the decision-making level. This is also an ideal way for current members and volunteers to learn more about how their society operates. Those considering the prospect should attend and speak to the directors. We’d love to have you! Commitment is minimal and limited to 7 meetings a year. Of course, if you’d like to sit on a committee or help out in other areas, we welcome it. If you are considering sitting as a director, please get in touch with us at

Nanaimo Community Gardens wishes to thank all volunteers and supporters for their hard work in 2018! Thank you all!

Join us at the AGM Sunday March 31, 2019 from 3 to 4pm at Nanaimo Association for Community Living (NACL) at 83 Victoria Cres .
For more information phone 250-816-GROW (4769),  or email

Bee Time!

We took some time recently to take out the old tubes of mason bee cocoons and replace them with fresh, new paper tubes. These tubes are where the new female mason bees will lay their eggs, fully provisioned with pollen. These eggs will hatch and the larvae will eat and grow until they are large enough to spin a cocoon and wait out the cold winter all snug and cozy. In the spring the males hatch first and wait for the females. It is at this time that the mason bees provide their renowned pollinating services to flowering fruit trees. As you see in this picture, one of our youngest volunteers is helping to remove the old mason bee tubes and putting them in a special box where the bees can safely hatch out.  

Happy First Day of Spring 2019!

Beban Learning Gardens will begin selling starterplants on Wed., March 20, directly from ourgreenhouse in Beban Park, beside the golf course. Every Wednesday from 10 to noon, from now until June, you can come and buy vegie, herb, and beneficial and edible flower starter plants, grown as organically as we know how, right on our site. In an effort to help our friends the bees, we are also growing and selling plants that are the favourites of our hard-working pollinators. Lots of gardening advice is available, as well.


You are also welcome to browse around our garden and see what we are growing.


Plants we will be selling for the rest of March and into early April include:


Snap peas, broad beans, sweet peas, thyme, rosemary, mustard, mizuna, strawberries, and lots more!