2023 Beban Learning Gardens Peppers

Pepper – 2024

Note that all of our warm weather varieties are open-pollinated varieties from which you can save your own seed.

Hot Peppers:

Golden Cayenne. Beautiful clear lemon yellow cayenne peppers 4” long x ½” wide on compact plants. Unusual color, fruits are slim and have a slightly curved form.  72 days

Jalapeno M: pungent, thick-walled and juicy dark green peppers that are 8cm (3″) long and about 2cm(1″) wide with a blunt end. On the coast, fruits set well on mid-sized plants 60-90cm (24-36″) tall. If there are still green peppers on the plant at the end of the season, pull up the whole plant and hang in a dry spot for it to finish ripening to red if desired. 2,500 – 5,000 SHU. 70 days.

Early Thai Dragon: Short sturdy plants with clusters of slender peppers that point upwards.  Good fresh but also dry well for long storage.  50,000 – 100,000 SHUs. Matures in 85 days.

Sweet Peppers:

Early Cali Wonder: Garden standard, this reliable variety is an early maturing strain that produces prolific 50-60cm (20-24″) tall plants. The 10cm (4″) long fruits are 9cm (3 ½”) wide, smooth, blocky and have a thick sweet wall. The 3 to 4 lobed peppers are a lovely deep green, but will turn crimson(and sweeter).

Hungarian Yellow Sweet Banana tapering, 6-8” long fruit on 24” plants that ripen to a bright waxy yellow at the harvest stage.  Their flavor is mild (typically 0 but can reach up to 500 Scoville Units) and as with most peppers, its “heat” depends on the growing conditions and the stage of maturity at harvest. That is, the riper they are, the sweeter.  Very early.

Lipstick cutest small elongated juicy, sweet red non-spicy peppers.Favored for their thick flesh and sweet flavor, these peppers are great to use as a culinary ingredient!  Developed as a cold-tolerant variety for cold regions, and dependable and extremely heavy producers. The peppers will grow to 4 inches long with a crisp, crunchy flesh and smooth, taut, shiny skin. Ripening from green to bright red, they will form cone-shaped or heart-shaped pods with tapered ends. 70 days, 

Orange Sun: Blocky, thick-skinned bell.  Mature from green to vivid orange while keeping excellent sweet flavour. Plants stand just under 1 m. with fruit 8 – 10 cm long.

Sweet Twister: aka Ancient Sweet a new favourite!  Large, 6-8”  long  fruit with thin skins and low seed count.  These are amazingly sweet with every bite. Late ripening. 90 days.

Tomato Pepper: A thick-walled large-fruited pepper, ripening late in the season. In protected areas can withstand light frost.  Generally sweet with some heat at the end.