Spring Plant Sales

Plant Sale April 25 at Pipers Pub
Hey! It’s time to get some greens in the garden!

So, we’re have plant sales featuring edibles and decorative plants you can put out right now. Join us at Pipers Pub, 4700 Hammond Bay Road, for the first one on Saturday, April 25, from 10am to noon. We’ll also be there May 2, May 9, and May 16. (The following week, of course, is the our BIG plant sale: the annual Family Garden Days.)

As Linda Gilkeson says in her April 4th (note: two weeks ago; things have progressed since then!) Gardening Tip:

If you are starting seeds indoors, you could sow the most tender plants now: squash, cucumbers and melons. If you are keeping cucumbers and melons in a greenhouse, you might have started them earlier. On the other hand, plants for greenhouses can be started even later than this, if it fits your schedule better, because they grow so quickly in the warmer conditions. And everyone, let’s all remember that this has, so far, been an exceptionally warm and early season so if you haven’t planted potatoes, set out strawberries, put out the peas and generally gotten your gardening act together–don’t worry! you are not too late…in fact, in some years we could be just barely getting going in early April.

Nurseries are setting out an expanding selection of hardier vegetable starts. If you plant them out now, do cover them at night with plastic or use cloches or floating row covers to keep them warmer. It is still pretty cool at night with ground frosts still occurring in many gardens this week.

Family Garden Days and Plant Sale

This is the Big One!

Mark this on your calendar: Saturday, May 23 and Sunday, May 24 are the Nanaimo Community Gardens Society annual Family Garden Days and Plant Sale.

Join us for two days of educational gardening activities at our Pine Street Community Garden. This free family event will include free workshops for families, food, live music and a wide selection of naturally grown, open-pollinated heritage plants.

Family Garden Days, 2014
Family Garden Days, 2014

Greenhouse update

2015 is the last year we will be operating in our present greenhouse, but we are working hard and negotiating with local authorities to set up another site so we can continue to offer seedlings to the community in 2016.

Help us build out new greenhouses! Learn more about the new site we’ve chosen and how we’re going to get there.