More Signs of Progress at Beban Park

A big thankyou to the VIU Horticulture class who built 6 more planterboxes this spring, adding to the ones built by Team Home Depot (see below). Then  NCGS volunteers built a few more so we now have 14!  Five of those are waiting for their home inside the greenhouse while the other 9 were moved into place in the northeast corner of the garden.  Thanks to ShareCost who gave us a discount price on soil for 2 of the boxes and a big thankyou to Milan at Highline Environmental who gave us enough of his great soil mix (made in nearby Ladysmith) to fill the other 7 boxes.  And here we are now, coming into August, and we have  lots of healthy-looking veggies growing in them.


Meanwhile, our nice smooth gravel lot has become a maze of trenches and sandpiles, thanks to a donation of machinery and labour from Geoff Schulson and Island West Coast Developments.  Mazzei Electric has roughed in the necessary wiring and Archie Johnstone has put in the required waterpipes and taps.


Then, in mid-July, along came a very enthusiastic carpentry class and their instructors from VIU to build forms for the footings and foundation of the greenhouse.  They also directed the cement into those forms and later removed the forms to reveal the finished foundation!  A HUGE thankyou to the class and their instructors for all the time, energy, and expertise!  And also, thank you to Doug Lum of Mayco Mix and Terry Hughes of Bedrock Redi-Mix cement companies who donated half the cement and the use of a pump truck.

VIU Carpentry students level cement in forms
VIU Carpentry students level cement in forms


The next big step will be finally obtaining our building permit so the greenhouse can be delivered and assembled.  Stay tuned.                                                                      Aug. 1, 2016

Home Depot Team builds raised beds for Beban Park Site

ReceIMG_0880ntly, the Nanaimo Home depot donated the supplies and arranged for the donation of a pallet of Sea Soil to build 5 raised garden beds for the Nanaimo Community GIMG_0871 (4)ardens Society.

A team of volunteers from the Nanaimo Home Depot donated their time to build the beds.

These beds will be used at the Beban Park Greenhouse location to grow food for volunteers.

We would like to thank Home Depot and Seas Soil for their generosity for helping us achieve our goal to the the site ready to provide education to the public in 2016IMG_0892.

Thank you Home Depot volunteers


Greenhouse update

Our greenhouse fund recently received a big boost in the form of a $40,000 grant from the Federated Co-operatives Limited Community Spaces program. We were in the running to win an extra $25 000 from Community Spaces but lost by a narrow margin. Thanks to all those who voted for our cause! The greenhouse fund will be used to build our new greenhouses in Beban Park. We recently signed a 10-year lease with the City of Nanaimo for space in the park and this new grant combined with the Volunteers in Parks grant of $25 000 from the City means we can start the next phase of the project.

We are happy to announce that the Nanaimo Foundation recently approved our grant application and we received $15 000 for this year and will receive the same amount in 2017.  Thank you very much, Nanaimo Foundation!

Our Building Committee has put a deposit on a greenhouse from B
W Greenhouse in Abbotsford.

A site plan has been drawn up.NCGS - Rendered Site Plan_1to100 (2016.02.18)


The lawn-bowling green has been filled and rolled ready for construction. (See photo.)


After 15 years at the RDN greenhouses off Hammond Bay Rd. we have moved to our new site. Volunteers are looking forward to doing a limited amount of gardening in Spring 2016, as construction will hopefully be underway.

Help us build our new greenhouses! Learn more about the new site we’ve chosen and how we’re going to get there.